Interviewed by fashion designer Marina Pascale of Pascale Swim

01 Mar Life takes turn when you get inspired – meet Toronto Photographer Brett Ida

Now that the rush and stress of fashion show left behind, we sat down with Brett Ida who worked at Pascale Swim fashion show this January. Brett is a Toronto based talented photographer. His company Idamagine Photography has a wide variety of services with experience in fashion, glamour, portrait photography and much more. In a private conversation we learned more about Brett’s inspirations and future plans.
Pascale Swim: When did you get your first camera? What thoughts did it bring? What inspired this step?
Brett Ida: I can blame my love for photography on Zaheer Molu of He was our wedding photographer and is simply amazing. I was fascinated with how he could create such captivating images. From that, my first camera was a Nikon D90.
PS: What is your best fashion project to date?
Brett: Canada Philippine Fashion Week 2014 was great experience. Many creative people came together to put on a very classy fashion week to showcase various fashion designers, but also to raise awareness and money for their charity. It was a nice example of how fashion can be more than just fashion.
PS: Best person or model that you worked in the past year?
Brett: There are so many talented people in the industry, but Marina Pascale has been really great to work with and embraces her people around her. I have recently only worked with her on her latest show but she is full of energy and has a great eye for fashion!
PS: Any exciting projects you are working on at the moment?
Will be shooting a personal project with a local fashion designer. I always like to have a personal project in the works that I can be more creative with. I can experiment with different techniques which keeps things interesting!
PS: Any advice for beginner photographers?
Shoot different things, don’t stick to one genre too early. You can take many things from one genre and apply them to another. Makes you more versatile.
PS: What is your favourite photographer whom you look up to?
Lindsay Adler, fashion photographer, has been a big inspiration for me lately.
PS: If it would have a chance to pick a celebrity models or a star that you would like to shoot with, who would that be?
It would have to be Coco Rocha, the “queen of posing”, although she is very pregnant now! That would make for an interesting shoot!
PS: Any famous photographers that you would like to sit down for a 30 minutes conversation?
Brett: Joe McNally, he has been around for so long. His breadth of experience is phenomenal.
PS: What is your favourite fashion magazine?
I don’t really have one, there is a lot of new media out there now showcasing great fashion.

On this note, we thank Brett for the insightful discussion and with him a creative year ahead. We thank you for the great photography and your support at the fashion show and hope to working with you in the future,

~ Pascale Swim